Yoni Detox Pearls(3PCS)

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Detox pearls are used to help improve a variety of conditions including: yeast infections, bacterial infections, infertility, fibroids, heavy/ irregular menstruation, vaginal odor, ovarian cyst, vaginal dryness, urine incontinence, genital itching, and expel fluid build ups that are not expelled during the menstrual cycle that can cause cysts and fibroids.

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How to Use Yoni Detox Pearls:

• Wash your hands before removing the detox from the sealed package. Unravel strings from pearls & tie a knot close to pearls for easy removal.

push the detox (1) deeply into your vagina. Like you’re wearing a tampon.

• Leave one Yoni Detox pearl in vagina for 24-48 hours (1-2 days), after 24-48 hours remove Yoni Detox Pearl and skip a day  and repeat the process with the 2nd and 3rd pearl.

After you have chosen to stop your detox, remove pearl from vagina, wash your Yoni with warm water, we do advise you to wait for it to come out naturally this may happen over a period of 2-3 days. If irritation occurs take a bath and only add organic tea tree oil in water and cleanse the vagina.

The pearls comes with instructions and a free applicator

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Yoni Detox Pearls(3PCS)

N$150.00N$170.00 (-12%)

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